Clash of Clans, Addiction

04 Mar

As a kid I used to play Age of Empire on my PC. I always wanted to play against other people and take over their village. Clash of Clans reminds me of that experience. Except now I can play it where ever I go and I can attack others for more loot. This game has been very addicting. My brother also plays so we team up to help each other out.

There are a few things I hope they change. I hope they find a way to incorporate the need to be in a clan. As of right now the only real benefit is a chat section for just your clan mates and getting extra troops. I’m hoping they can create tournaments like what Call of Duty Ghosts have. Put clans vs a group of similarly skilled clans and see who can get the most trophies in a designated time. This will generate lots of income for the game as ppl will be buying gems to speed up the barracks. Of course the prizes will have to be worth it. But its an idea I hope happens. I’m still a noob and learning the game. It’s definitely fun and I like the fact that even if you can’t get online every day you don’t lose everything you worked for. Check it out in the Play Store or in the Appstore.

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