Got Pebble?

11 Mar


Yesterday I finally grabbed myself a Pebble. Now I wanted the new Pebble Steel, but that’s really out of my price range. Heck, the regular Pebble is out of My price range. Only reason I got my hands on this one is because I got it for $75.

For those that have no clue what a Pebble is, it’s a smart watch. It doesn’t have all the gadgets and gizmos that the galaxy gear has. It does what it’s intended to do very well. Notify. It’s an extension of your notification drawer. So what’s the point?

At first I didn’t understand how I would end up using this device. But not even 15 hours after acquiring it, it’s already come I’m handy. I’m a store manager and at work were not supposed to keep our phones on us. At the same time I need to have easy access to my phone as my employees are constantly texting whether it’s about their schedule or something work related. Having the Pebble has allowed me to keep my phone on silent in the back room and still get my notifications. Even while typing this on my phone I received 3 text messages in rapid succession. Instead of having to close my blog and go to the text app I was easily able to look at my wrist and see if any needed an immediate reply.

It’s definitely not something that’s needed, but it is nice to have. Anyone else around have a Pebble? How do you like it? How do you use your Pebble?

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