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Who Am I

Who am I? Who are you? Such a simple question, but when thought about is not an easy one to answer. Been thinking about this a lot lately. The answer to this question for me is way too much to actually write in a single blog post. So how about I focus on aspects of my personality. Give you a peek into who I really am.

I am greedy, self-servient, critically judgemental, attention seeking, pessimistic, procrastinating procrastinator, defensive. The facade I wear daily makes me seem to be outgoing, generous, hardworking, determined, and goal oriented. It sounds like I am a terrible person when put so bluntly. Not every negative characteristic is actually negative though. The fact that I am very judgemental makes me a great recruiter in my job. I succeed in sales simply because of the recognition(attention seeking) I get from selling well. Attributes that are sometimes deemed negative can be used in a positive manor. Just because my initial reaction to something may be negative doesn’t mean that it controls my response.

I went to counseling for years, mainly to learn and understand what makes me tick. I have a good understanding of what angers me and what motivates me. Anger… it’s such a powerful feeling. It is actually the part of my personality that drives me daily. Unfortunately, its not an easy one to control. Anger is one that many find easy to express. Most of the time it is really a cover up feeling for insecurity, immediate gratification, entitlement, defensiveness, or feelings of disrespect. For me though, my anger usually comes from my defensive nature. I don’t like being wrong. I don’t like not being in control. So I put up walls. I keep people at a distance. I defend my opinions. No actually I take it one step further, because defending my opinions aren’t enough. I need to get you to agree to my opinion. I do everything I can to manipulate people into seeing things the way I do. I am right and they are wrong. Writing that just sounds terrible, but its true. that’s how I am and that’s how I have always been. Ignorance calls me hard headed or stubborn, its more than that. I’m still trying to master my emotions and I guess I will always be working on that.

Who are you?

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Folks, you’re missing the point about Donald Sterling | Allen B. West –


Everyone needs to stop what they’re doing right now and read this! As terrible as Sterling is, Allen has a very valid point. America has way deeper issues it should be focusing on than this.

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Sex Offender Signs Publicly Identify Convicted Predators In Florida (VIDEO)


What do you think, over the top or just right?

Personally I am on both sides of the fence on this topic. The crimes these guys commit are heinous and unforgivable. They served their time and have to register so that the public knows about their location. Do murderers who are released back into the public have to also serve this penalty?

I think this borders the same line that racism did. With these signs we are lumping all of these guys in a group and putting on a constant reminder to people passing by of the crime. The problem then is that ignorant people with no self control will then commit crimes against those that have already paid their dues.

What are your thoughts on the subject? I’d like to hear.


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First lady gets resume from girl with jobless dad

What will the white house do with that?  There’s so many people out there without jobs. I know most people look at just the unemployment rate as a number. But those are real people, with children that go to sleep hungry. How is it in America 1 in 5 children go to sleep without enough food? One single billionaire could easily solve this problem. No I take that back.

Money won’t solve the real issues at hand. Money would only be a temporary solution to this much bigger problem. This is a new world we live in. When is the last time you stopped to help a car with its hazard lights on? How about sacrificed something for a homeless man? I don’t really want to know. When did the child in us that saw that man on the street shaking from the cold and felt terrible for him go away? 

The US has deeper issues then the facade the government puts up. It’s deeper even then the government. It comes back to the people. The communities. Help a stranger. Be compassionate. Maybe Michelle Obama will remember that not everyone is as fortunate as she is. Maybe that little girl can just be a little girl and worry about what her barbie is going to wear today.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumored to feature a “three” sided Youm flexible display |

Looks like the rumors are flowing… The Galaxy Note devices are, to me the most powerful on the market. Samsung has finally built up some brand loyalty. I can’t imagine switching away from my GS4 to another makers device. I choose to use their services over others. Obviously everyone isn’t the same and everyone will use their devices differently. Read the article above to see what rumors are getting passed around now.

All I have to say is that I hope Samsung doesn’t ruin this device by straying too far from what it’s core users have come to expect.

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Check out this drip: Tasker gets a new updated, adds massive laundry list of bug fixes and other changes

Tasker gets a new updated, adds massive laundry list of bug fixes and other changes

list of key features:
state Humidity (where supported by hardware, untested)
action Say: parameter Use Network: improves speech synthesis with some engines (API 15+)
action Alert / Beep
action Alert / Morse
action List Files: added Use Root parameter (requires rooted device to use)
permission RECEIVE_SMS for new Android 4.4+ SMS support
state Cell Near, %CELL… vars: support for JellyBean+ cell info API
task edit: added ‘paste below’ multi-select option when last item of task selected (and clipboard not empty)
time context: variable specification possibility (not in beginner mode)
time edit: improved layout for some devices
settings actions: Dream Settings, NFC Settings, NFC Payment Settings, Android Beam
action Scan Card: specifying a directory will recursively scan it
state Wifi Near: support for ‘Scan always available’ (Android wifi setting)
action Phone / Set SMS App (change default, Android 4.4+)
Prefs / Data / Share
Prefs / Data / Description
action Set Timer (system timer) (KitKat+))
action MIDI Play, userguide section on MIDI
action edit: search menu option
state Variable Value: multi conditions
multiple If conditions in actions
search: search names of installed plugins and show as features
built-in local variable %priority, also to userguide
action Load App: specific activity selection via long-click
action Load App: -> Launch App
action Search: added parameter for web search instead of local
Profile Properties screen: help text for Restore Settings
UI: plugin event category
Prefs / Misc: Reduce Memory Usage option
Prefs / Monitor / Use New Cell API

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Is It Possible To Charge Your Phone In 30 Seconds?


StoreDot says it is and is showing off the new nano tech at Microsoft’s Think Next event in Tel Aviv. The company specializes in bio-organic nanotechnology. The world’s fastest portable charging device is made possible because of “‘nanodots’ derived from bio-organic material that, due to their size, have both increased electrode capacitance and electrolyte performance, resulting in batteries that can be fully charged in minutes rather than hours.”

This is would be great for those who forget to charge their phone. Or are constantly on the go and run out of juice. I would like to know what the effects are on the battery over time. Can you do this multiple times a day with no damage done to the battery? If that’s the case, companies like Samsung or HTC can produce thinner phones with smaller batteries to be paired with this supercharged charger.

… The future is here.

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