Apple Is Worried

05 Apr

Yep. I said it, most everyone else is finally saying it. Most importantly, Apple is finally saying it. This is like that first step in a recovery program, admitting your faults.(it’s the only way to improve) Apple is realizing that consumers are comfortable with phones that have 5 inch screens. Companies like Motorola and Samsung have greatly improved their tech and the ecosystem if their devices. The marketing strategy of Android device makers has of late dwarfed Apple.

I’m sure Apple fan boys hate me for saying all of this. Got to face the truth for a moment. Apple has to step is game up in every aspect in order to stay relevant. Motorola and Google proved a phone could be made cheaply in the USA and still have good hardware. Motorolas Moto G is their best selling phone ever and with a very cheap price tag.

Apple may have something for us in the iPhone 6. Maybe…. But I’m doubting anything they release this year in the mobile department will turn heads. This year will be the year of wearable tech. Maybe next year we’ll see a jump in the mobile industry enough to make consumers update their devices.

Apple step your game up. You could be the next windows phone… Dont do that…

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