Check out this drip: Tasker gets a new updated, adds massive laundry list of bug fixes and other changes

08 Apr

Tasker gets a new updated, adds massive laundry list of bug fixes and other changes

list of key features:
state Humidity (where supported by hardware, untested)
action Say: parameter Use Network: improves speech synthesis with some engines (API 15+)
action Alert / Beep
action Alert / Morse
action List Files: added Use Root parameter (requires rooted device to use)
permission RECEIVE_SMS for new Android 4.4+ SMS support
state Cell Near, %CELL… vars: support for JellyBean+ cell info API
task edit: added ‘paste below’ multi-select option when last item of task selected (and clipboard not empty)
time context: variable specification possibility (not in beginner mode)
time edit: improved layout for some devices
settings actions: Dream Settings, NFC Settings, NFC Payment Settings, Android Beam
action Scan Card: specifying a directory will recursively scan it
state Wifi Near: support for ‘Scan always available’ (Android wifi setting)
action Phone / Set SMS App (change default, Android 4.4+)
Prefs / Data / Share
Prefs / Data / Description
action Set Timer (system timer) (KitKat+))
action MIDI Play, userguide section on MIDI
action edit: search menu option
state Variable Value: multi conditions
multiple If conditions in actions
search: search names of installed plugins and show as features
built-in local variable %priority, also to userguide
action Load App: specific activity selection via long-click
action Load App: -> Launch App
action Search: added parameter for web search instead of local
Profile Properties screen: help text for Restore Settings
UI: plugin event category
Prefs / Misc: Reduce Memory Usage option
Prefs / Monitor / Use New Cell API

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