We Don’t Need The ACA

01 May

I would like someone to explain how the Affordable Care Act has helped?

How is this something that we need? In America I was under the impression we were a capitalist minded society. I’m guessing I was wrong? I don’t know that i side with any one political party, but right now I think I am standing with the Republicans on this topic. We NEED less government. I’m not saying that government programs are not useful. I just think that the government is continuously getting more and more in control of areas they don’t need to be. Like health care!

I am all for helping people in need, I’m not heartless. I am a firm believer though that people get what they work for. I have worked hard to move up and be more then a Part Time employee. Now after years of experience I am a store manager. I can afford health care for myself and my family. Before I was able to afford health care there was a government program to help ensure that my son was at least covered. See the usefulness of that? Now because of the ACA, better known as Obama Care every american is forced to carry medical insurance. Whats next, am I going to be forced to wear a uniform every where I go or only be forced to shave a certain way? This is communism. OK not quite, but this is the path that it we are walking down right now.

It is funny to me how excited the Obama administration is over how many people have signed up for Obama Care. It’s been the worst launch ever, but OK. Yet what percentage of people that have signed up for this program didn’t have health care before? And just because people signed up, how many of them are actually paying? Obama Care is supposed to be helping people, so why is it hurting me? My monthly health care cost for my family and I used to be $200/month. My wife and i are young, non smokers with a 4 year old boy. $200 a month is a reasonable cost for health insurance that isn’t often used. Now that the ACA is in effect I am now paying $362 a month and what my plan covers is less. I’m not making any more money then I did before. My bills haven’t gone down at all.

Our President should be trying to fix real issues within our country. How about focus on the children going hungry at night, homelessness, or the economy? Really though, think about this… suddenly i have $162 a month less to spend. Do you think my wife an I are going out to the movies or to dinner? We aren’t going shopping, we aren’t taking the money that we’ve worked hard to earn to do things we like doing. Its not going back into the economy at all. its going to bill collectors and rent. its going to the people that are already rich and established. The middle class is at war. If you are too blind to see it I feel sorry for you.


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2 responses to “We Don’t Need The ACA

  1. KT Cat

    May 2, 2014 at 11:13 am

    Don’t you feel like these things are all about how you feel and not about actual results?

    • AndroidNurd

      May 2, 2014 at 11:19 am

      This is about how I feel. But the results of the ACA I don’t think are helping anyone. I feel like the government is a disabler. They make it ok to not give a shit and not work hard because they’re gonna be there to take care of you. My mom has been on welfare since she divorced my father. She has never worked… she doesn’t have to because the government says that’s acceptible. All the while I’m busting my ass 60 hours acceptible week.


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