Voter Fraud Is Serious

13 May


This seems to be a hot topic to debate. The need to have identification in order to vote. I personally don’t understand why we should be debating this topic whatsoever. Of course not everyone is going to see things the way I do.

I understand that a huge portion of Democratic voters are minorities. So this makes sense that Democrats would be against voters being required to present identification. Seems to me that Republicans are making the situation worse. They know that enforcing such a strict rule would hurt their opponents.

This to me is like brother and sister fighting. We get it y’all don’t like each other. You all forget you’re fighting on the same team. (Sorry that’s a little off topic.) Here’s what I have to say about the whole subject. Just my opinion and of course I’m no expert.

I am in favor of being required to show some form of valid ID. In every job I have ever had it has been a requirement that I have a state id or college id and my social security number. Yep, because I work hard and pay taxes. These elections that are taking place are fake. Totally fake. The results are skewed. Apparently dead people can still vote. As well as some people can vote twice. People who aren’t even citizens also get to vote…. WHAT THE FUCK? We might as well make a stop in China and let them cast a ballot as well. This is outrageous in this day and age that crap like this is even allowed to go on. But let me forget to pay some of my taxes by honest mistake and see if they aren’t knocking on my door trying to collect.

I haven’t heard a lot of people mention identity theft. When we talk about identity theft people take that seriously. Of course they do, because their money is at stake. That is exactly what is going on right now. People are showing up to vote and are being told that they already voted. How is this not a problem?

I am a citizen of the United States of America. So were my parents, my parent’s parents and one of my great uncles was a President of our great country. I believe I have every right to vote for who I think should help lead our country. Now if someone abandons their country to come here, I don’t think they should be allowed to vote until they’ve gone through the proper steps to obtain citizenship. I have friends who are illegal, hard working and tax paying. I respect them emensley for coming here to provide a better life for their family. Until they become citizens I still believe they shouldn’t be able to vote.

The Democrats definitely don’t like this. I’m sorry I’m not sorry that you want to win an election off of non american votes. The problem isn’t just with the Dems, voter fraud is a serious issue. There are people out there voting multiple times, people who are deceased yet somehow voting. Those people could be voting Republican. Who knows? Either way it’s wrong. So I believe in order to have the fairest election that there should be a standard across the board for voter identification. Not neccesarily state ID, just something to identify that you are well you say you are and to stop you from voting again. Requiring an ID to vote don’t fix the problem solely. The voting system is broken and had been for a long time. Its time to make some changes.

I don’t have the solution to this problem, but why aren’t balids tied to our social security number? Those could be entered into a system saying you voted. Problem solved. OK that’s more difficult to do then it sounds. Either way something has to be done.

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