American Idol, Who To Vote For

21 May


This season of American idol is the 8th season in a row I’ve watched all the way through. This season has lacked the talent that AI has been known to produce. Just hit up YouTube and in just a few moments you will find talent as good or better than in the finale. Or maybe not….

Its not hard to edit or make yourself sound better behind a camera. But what about on stage with just a mic and a band? No recording software or voice enhancements. Jena and Caleb are actually not just good singers, but good performers. They are no Carrie Underwood and can only dream of reaching her status in the music industry.

So, who to vote for?

Personally I think Jena has the most potential for success under AI’s influence. Caleb is not as versatile as Jena, but he does sing my favorite genre of music from my favorite generation as well. What do you think?

I know that I would never buy Jena’s music. Just not what I usually enjoy listening too. I do know that Caleb I would want to listen to. I think its time that pop takes a back seat and rock and roll come back.

Rock on….

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Posted by on May 21, 2014 in Rants


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