How To Quickly Charge Your Android Device

27 May


This is just a couple tips I was thinking about this morning since I forgot to charge my phone last night. Luckily I have the GS4, which has pretty amazing battery life for how much I actually use my phone.

So you need to charge your phone quickly before heading out somewhere… What do you do? First I would look into using a charger that has at minimum 1amp output, 2amps is what I recommend. You can look at the wall plug to figure this out. DONT USE YOUR COMPUTER. The output on USB is much smaller then any wall charger. (There is programs for your PC to increase the output of USB ports.)

Next thing you need to do is shut off your phone. If you don’t want to do this then at least put the phone in airplane mode. When your phone is off its not drawing any power, therefore the battery gets to charge more quickly. WiFi and phone reception draw lots of battery power. Turning these off will help as well.

There ya go… That’s it… So simple but yet something some people don’t think about.

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