The Status Of This Blog

19 Jun

Two and a half years ago today I started this blog. I had no goal for what I wanted to do with it. I didn’t even plan on using it to post anything. I thought, who cares what I have to say. So it wasn’t until a few months later I posted my very first blog. I decided that I wasn’t going to be writing to impress anyone, but to get thoughts and ideas out of my head onto paper.

I went through a long period of sharing my opinion on tech news and app reviews for Android. I still enjoy doing that, but I also wanted to share more thoughtful episodes of my life. I think everyone else can benefit from having a creative outlet. In a sense after two years my blog still has no direction. That’s exactly what I am currently trying working on.

The blogs url doesn’t play well with what I write. What the hell is XXXORION? A porn name? Time to create my brand. Just have to figure out how to do it all. I just want to say thank you to those that stick around and constantly read what I write. It’s appreciated greatly!


Posted by on June 19, 2014 in Rants


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2 responses to “The Status Of This Blog

  1. rob noble

    June 22, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    this is real… good stuff


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