Hands on: Android TV exorcises Google TV’s demons, looks Xboxy

27 Jun


With Google io just completing there is so much awesome tech news to cover. BUT… It’s already been done brilliantly by some awesome writers. Not much I can add to this article.

There is one thing though… The constant comparison of Android TV to the Xbox One. I haven’t had the chance to use this just yet so I can’t say for certain. But why get this over an Xbox One? Google has to know that Xbox and Playstation have a firm grip on gamers. I don’t think Androids success in the mobile game industry is going to translate well on the big screen.

Everything I just stated would completely change if the device was capable of running a full featured title like Call of Duty or GTA. Now that would make a difference because you know Android TV will be inexpensive compared to any other gaming consol. Guess I had more to say then I though.

You can check out the full Android TV rundown here:!4LVpF

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