Life Is A Fragile Thing

27 Jun

So yesterday afternoon something happened that didn’t just scare me. It sent a wave over my entire body. This morning it hit me, my mind was foggy. I felt like I couldn’t get going. What could happen that could possibly upset someone this much?

I was at work. Laughing, joking, teasing one of my part timers. Hanging out at work, care free, just helping customers. I have a great work environment. Then I get a text from my wife explaining to me that the scariest moment of her life just happened.

She had stopped at her parents house to take our son Noah swimming. On the way out the door Noah ran ahead while her mom called for her. Her dad was on the porch grilling so she thought nothing of it to keep a closer eye on Noah. While her mom asked her a question her father popped his head in and said that Noah was sitting on the steps of the pool.

Kim goes outside to see that Noah was no longer sitting on the steps but out in the middle of the pool struggling trying to get his head above water. Kim of course jumps in after him and he is fine. He wasn’t in the pool more than 30 seconds.

I can’t imagine the terrible feeling she had to feel for letting him out of her sight for just those few moments. But a minute longer and that text message would have been a call that would effectively end me.

I couldn’t imagine not coming home to my son’s laughter or Kim having to yell at him for the tenth time about staying out if the kitchen while she cooks. Seems like every morning I wake up with my son snuggled up next to me. This is how I wake up most Saturdays, with Noah jumping on me.

I guess what I’m trying to do is echo what we always hear from others. Don’t take things for granted. Life is fragile. My son still thinks he’s invincible. I’m in so much trouble… I always thought I was too, until he was born.

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One response to “Life Is A Fragile Thing

  1. Bill page

    June 30, 2014 at 7:21 am

    I’m glad your whole family tree was safe and sound friend. 🙂 your friendly neighbor hood the amazing spider man inChrist allways chubby billpage illusionist magician in fun


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