Samsung’s New Gear S Smartwatch Features A Curved Screen And 3G Connectivity | TechCrunch

28 Aug


Oh godddddd, here we go again!

Just another watch to flood the headlines for the day. It’s starting to get a little annoying. I guess I cant complain really. When you walk into a jewelry store you dont have just one watch to pick from, you get choices. So in the end this is exactly what is happening here. This devices however, is setting itself apart from the rest by the fact that it has a 3G receiver built in. This watch can be fully functional without a phone. Read the article below for the full details and specs.


The biggest complaint that I am seeing around the web about these smartwatches is the price. I look at my collection of watches and their prices and laugh at the $350 price tag of the Galaxy Gear. If you walk into a store that sells nice watches, you will quickly see that a watch that only tells the time may cost you $600-$1500 on the low end. All while these new watches provide you with much more then just the time. They help assist you in making your life easier. The complaint about having to charge just another device is a pointless argument. Who sleeps with their watch on? Puke! That is just so uncomfortable. so when you take it off set it on the wireless charger. Any of these watches made without wireless charging are also PUKE! Theyre acting like this is new tech, get with the times people. Wireless charging or its a no go for me.

Definitely will be checking out these watches once they are on display in the store. Cant purchase a watch without trying it on first.

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