Why Are We Even Celebrating Labor Day?

01 Sep


Back when I was in school, labor day was my favorite holiday! School had just started and you had been ready for summer to end and by the week’s end you want summer back so they give you a three day weekend! Loved it. In my family we usually cooked out and enjoyed time with the family. But that was in California where every one of my family members that had a job worked for some tech giant. They enjoyed weekends off and multiple government holidays, making three day weekends plentiful.

Flash forward to the present and I no longer live in Cali. I take up residence in North Carolina and unlike my family I don’t work for a tech company. I am in retail. So while they enjoy this weekend relaxing, drinking a cold beer, chowing down on some ribs….. I will be working extended hours.

While Labor Day started out to recognize those in the labor force it has gone through a transition. Now it signifies the end of summer, that last hoorah, last trip to the beach or lake. For me though, it’s a shopping holiday. I work at an outlet. So today my store will be packed all day like a mad house.

I can’t say that I don’t really enjoy it though. I like the chaos. I love it when my store is packed with people. It makes the day go by faster and instead of having to find stuff to do I get to sell. Which of course is way I’m actually good at.

Labor Day used to be a family day for me, but like most other government holidays it is now a sales holiday. It’s the product of capitalism. So today, enjoy the time you have with your friends and family. Drink one for me.

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