About That Time… Upgrade!

06 Sep

Decisions decisions decisions….

It’s getting closer to that time again. You know where you get to make your friends jealous with the latest and greatest in technology. I still haven’t decided exactly what I want. There three devices coming out that I am considering.
Samsung Note4
Motorola Moto X+1
OnePlus One

Comparison wise, the Moto and the One are very similar. They are competing for the same customers I believe. Out of those two, the price point of the OnePlus One is just way better. I have always wanted the Note from Samsung, but I feel like they could have done more with the device. Maybe not. The device has already proven itself and there’s not a ton they could have done to the device except make it water resistant.

I still haven’t made my decision. I’m definitely leaning towards the Note. Mainly because of the large screen, removable battery, and SD card expansion. I have grown to hate TouchWiz. It’s so slow compared to Google’s vanilla Android. So if I got it, I would have it rooted and Google Edition put on it. But then again that limits the A Pens functionality. So we shall see. Still pondering.

What are your thoughts? Anything you are particularly excited about getting released?

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