Ray Rice Cut by Ravens After Video of Elevator Punch – ABC News

08 Sep

Unfortunately, I grew up in a very abusive environment. From watching my mother get beat to having plates and other assortments thrown at me. It’s not pretty. It’s nothing you would ever do in public, in front of anyone. Fortunately for me, I used these terrible past events to make myself better. Have I been totally and completely angry with my wife? Yes. Never has the thought even crossed my mind to hit her. You just don’t take advantage of people like that.

Watching this video I think Ray Rice made a terrible decision. There are no excuses. Do not minimize what he has done by saying it was a ‘mistake’. It wasn’t just a mistake, it was a decision. He justified in his head, that in that moment it was OK for him to hit her. He deserves, just like everyone else to be punished for his actions. They are despicable and disgusting. However, should they come with the consequence that was delivered? Should he lose his entire life’s long work? That’s not my call to make. It’s sad to see someone with so much going for him fall so quickly.

This message from the NFL and the public is clear. This type of crime is not tolerated and never should have been. Here is some good for thought: if this video hadn’t ever surfaced showing the brutality of the offense Ray Rice would only be serving a two game suspension. What does that tell you about the NFL?

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