My View Of The NFL and Ray Rice

11 Sep
My View Of The NFL and Ray Rice

I am just one person and my opinion really means nothing to anyone other than myself. That is perfectly fine, you should draw your own conclusions for yourself. However, I love sharing my thoughts and stirring the pot just a little. That being said I fully believe that Ray Rice should NOT be suspended indefinitely from the NFL. Here is why…

First of all this whole incident should be about the protecting the victim. That video should not have been made public, making her go through this horrible event all over again. This happened back in February and a punishment was handed out. Ray Rice did what he was supposed to do. He went to weekly counseling meetings as well as marriage counseling. He was handed a two game suspension as well. Of course this isn’t appropriate punishment for the crime. The NFL should have been harsher on Ray from the get go. Shortly after this event the NFL came out with new rules, which stated 6 weeks minimum suspension for first time offenders. Now we are here in the present and a video of Ray Rice hitting his wife is made public. What happens next? The NFL tries to save face by suspending him from the NFL indefinitely.

My biggest problem is that this wasn’t done to provide justice to Janay Rice. This was done to protect their investment. To keep people coming to the games. And now, this morning it is discovered that the NFL might have seen this video months ago? It wasn’t until the video was made public that they handed out a harsher punishment? To me that is unamerican! Once a criminal is convicted and sentence while he is completing his punishment you dont take him back to court and punish him again for getting better.

Just saying this is embarrassing on the NFL’s part. In no way am I condoning what Ray did or justifying it in any way. Just saying, I don’t think Ray Rice should be banned for the entire season.

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