The Wait Is Over, Apple Watch

11 Sep


Well Tim Cook elected to drop the ‘i’ brand with new product line and added ‘Apple’ instead. So all we got was an Apple Watch. All the hype that had been building up in what seems years, left us wanting more then what was delivered. I find myself having to try to like Apples products, but i just cant buy into their system. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus look like decent devices I’ll touch on that in another post. The Apple Watch though looks like nothing other then an iPod strapped to your wrist…. No? It doesn’t?


Oh snap look at that! iPod nano on a beautiful leather wristband. Say what you want, but I think that looks even better then what Apple just released the other day. Apple waits and waits and waits… My fault for assuming that they were waiting so that they could improve upon the design of smartwatches. Instead they release a device that looks just like the Galaxy Gear that was released last year this month. I’m just saying, I’m pretty disappointed in what I saw. Apple could have done so much more to help push technology forward. I feel like Apple trying to move away from the iMac branding created back in 1998 is a bad idea. I’m no business genius, but Steve Jobs had a good thing going. To me it looks like Tim Cook needs to learn when to say “no!” Steve would have never let that watch get released looking like that.

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