Why I Am Frustrated With Apple

13 Sep

So now that Apple is most definitely coming out with phones that have larger screens Android user now have a choice to make. Stick with Android or convert. (It’s like a religion, it’s a big dealm) Maybe I’m just a fanboy, tease me, call me what you like. I present only facts about why Android is better then anything Apple has. That’s a pretty bold statement huh? To be honest it’s not entirely true. Everyone has different needs in a device and for me Android fits what I need. It’s not really that Android is better, but that companies continue to improve upon its features. Even after the announcement that the new iPhone would come with NFC, I don’t think iOS users know how useful NFC can be for things other than payments.

While the iPhone 6 is a decent upgrade from the iPhone 5. It’s most definitely not worth upgrading if you already have the 5S. Check out the graphic below.


This isn’t to bash Apple at all. This is just to point out that they aren’t leading the way anymore. What are they doing? When the first gen iPhone was released it was revolutionary compared to that of Windows mobile. It was worth paying as much as they charged for Apple products,  because you were paying for the work that went into building that device.

Mobile phones are pretty advanced now and there’s just not much left to do to make them look so different from their predecessors. So the fact that the iPhone still looks practically the same is nothing bad. They added a curved edge to make swiping smoother, which is bad ass. Come on though, they couldn’t add wireless charging, an IR blaster, or even split screen apps to the 6 Plus? Why not water proof?

It’s just disappointing if you are an Apple fan that you are just now getting features android users have had for years. I bet now that the iPhone finally has NFC that we will see tap to pay everywhere. Thanks Apple, you are about to make a lot of android users life more convenient.

On a good note, the OS looks clean and smooth, as always. And I don’t care what any Android user says. iMessage is awesome. I wish google would get on that and copy it. Haha…

Anyone switching? The phone looks beautiful.


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2 responses to “Why I Am Frustrated With Apple

  1. Mr.TramueL

    September 13, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    I have an unlocked 5S, I’ll sell it and upgrade to the 6.

    I love technology and I’m loyal to that alone, however our decisions are highly personal. I agree, everyone has different needs in a device.

    • AndroidNurd

      September 13, 2014 at 1:21 pm

      Yeah I guess I come off as bashing the technology and I’m not. iPhones are good devices. I just feel like if you are going to dish out that much cash on a device it should be more then a good device. Battery life could use improvement and they aren’t capitalizing on the extra screen space they’re getting on the 6+… I’m with ya on selling and upgrading I’m gonna do the same with my S4 and get the Note 4


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