Lil Wayne Walks On American Flag

02 Dec
Lil Wayne Walks On American Flag


Lil Wayne Walks Over American Flag In Music Video

Basically people are calling for everyone to boycott Lil Wayne, because while shooting a video he walks over the american flag. If all you watch is a little clip of him walking on the american flag then yes I understand that being disrespectful. The flag was a prop in the video. In the video it drops revealing the people from his hometown behind it. Then it’s not in the scene. It wasn’t like he planned out stomping on the flag. He just continued filming. Watch the video. I understand its disrespectful, I was raised that the flag should never even touch the ground. But it’s in a film. Since when does the morals within a movie cross into reality? No one raises their nose when a married man has to make out and pretend to have sex with an actress. If this was premeditated then yes I would say he’s unamerican and people should not purchase his music. That’s not the case here so I will go on listening to his stuff. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I enjoy you sharing your.

Lil Wayne- God Bless Amerika

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