If cameras can’t hold police accountable in Eric Garner’s death, what can?

04 Dec
If cameras can’t hold police accountable in Eric Garner’s death, what can?


This situation is terrible. This man was frustrated, he had just split up a fight his adrenaline was going. He didn’t do anything wrong. I’m a pretty outspoken person and not afraid to tell someone my opinion, this man did as most others would have done in the same situation. The difference for him… He was big and he was black. That is not a crime. That is no reason for four officers to try and bring this guy down to the ground. The video is so sad to watch, but I recommend to all that they click the source below and watch the video. This is what is really going on all over america.

First let me say… I dont believe that cops are waking up in the morning and going out looking for people to kill. That’s not what is going on. Situations that arise are not being handled correctly. The Police are here to PROTECT. Who were they protecting in this video? It is just wrong and these guys need to be punished. A man lost his life.

It’s a tragedy that in all of the growth and advancement in our society that we still judge people by the color of their skin. For crying out loud, we have a black president!

If you read The Verge article below I don’t agree with everything he says. I think it’s border line inciteful. There are many issues in America and this one is distracting America from even bigger problems. No one in America is technically from here except for the Native Americans. We all just need to be thankful for all the things were fortunate enough to have.

My heart goes out to Mr Garner’s family. I hope that his death is somehow leads to positive change.

Source: The Verge

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