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My Anniversary

3 years ago on August Friday 13th for the first time in my life a tear ran down my cheek because of happiness. I was overcome with emotion. My soon to be wife stepped into view and she was so beautiful. Like the sun rising in the Bahamas; Bright, smiling and noticeably nervous. It was an amazing day, my wedding day.

I can’t believe it’s been three years already. We have been through a lot together. More then I’d like to discuss. There have been ups and downs. More ups then downs. My wife is simply amazing. I couldn’t put into words how lucky I am to have her. I’m going to keep this short as I’m writing it while she gets ready to go out to dinner. I’m just very lucky to have such an amazing friend and wife. Couldn’t be happier!

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…Where The Flower Blooms

The light sinks into the earth
As darkness surrounds everything.
Black as a deep sea
Nothing. Nothing to see
A state of blissful turmoil
In an ocean of dew
Summer dreams warm the heart
Turning. Turning. Curled in a ball.
A man escapes
Where the owls and rats fly
And predators thrive
He is undisturbed
Resting. Breathing. Dreaming.
The eyes open.
The magnificence of nature in focus
Cold but undistracted.
Watching beauty unfold
as the wise night leaves
The insightful day begins
Opportunity abounds
Society’s chains broken
And it happens there
Where the flower blooms

A memory of me escaping the stress and demands of deadlines. Camping under the night sky.


…Where The Flower Blooms

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