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Oscar Winner Morgan Freeman Says Income Inequality Has Nothing To Do With Race | Video |


I think Morgan Freeman couldn’t have said it any better. There are so many examples you could point out of wealthy people of different ethnicity. I think one of the biggest problems is ambition. Honestly, racism aside, if you don’t think big, if you don’t work hard enough, you won’t get where you want.

I’m not a fan of our President. Look at what he had accomplished in his life time up until his Presidency. Everyone can be successful. You have to find out what you are good at and become better. There is something. For those that are where I am still trying to find a way to stop living paycheck to paycheck your struggles will pay off.

The struggle you’re in today, is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.

Live ambitiously!

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If It’s Not On Fire I Don’t Care.


I can’t wait for my vacation next week. All I will be doing is sitting on my behind playing Call of Duty. Oh and my phone will be in airplane mode. Not even my family will be able to get ahold of me. I’m not doing it to disengage from technology as I’m sure in between games and movies I’ll be reading up on Google+ and Twitter. I’ll be doing it, because some co-workers of mine can’t go a day without calling me. It’s never an emergency when they call. It’s always a question that can be answered if the problem was given any ounce of thought. Yesterday was my day off this week and I received three phone calls. Let me enjoy my day off in peace. New rule don’t call me when I’m not working unless the buildings burning down.

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User Your Hairy Arm To Deal With Management


Dealing with your boss can be a touchy subject depending who you talk to. Especially if your boss happens to be super critical. I’m the kind of boss that believes you can always be better. That perfection doesn’t quite exist, but were always striving to get as close to it as possible. Now I’m not that boss that will constantly tell you how terrible you are or constantly critique you. Instead I like to motivate and use positive reinforcement. But that’s not every boss or most bosses. So what are you to do about a boss that is notorious for finding and pointing out flaws?

The solution is actually quite simple. The hairy arm technique. I recently read a story about a graphic designer who worked in the time before computers. One of his clients was constantly trying to make changes that didn’t need to be made. So one day that client started seeing the designers arm printed on the edge of the layout, partly obscuring the ad. He would get upset and insist on the removal of the hairy arm. Because of this cleverly placed distraction the client’s need to be in charge was fulfilled. This is genius!

A managers job is to lead, teach, and coordinate. Not many managers are ever trained in leadership. How do you even train leadership? So it is to be expected that not everyone is going to be good at it. Use this knew knowledge to your advantage. Sometimes management just needs to feel like they’re needed. Of course this isn’t for everyone out there, but there are those that are dealing with exactly what I’m writing about.

Not 100% sure where I read the story first, but pretty certain this where I saw it first. The Guardian

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