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The Smooth Change Dress

The Smooth Change Dress

Saw a kick starter campaign that I thought was pretty interesting and wanted to share it with you.

I see that it’s still in its infancy of design, but done right could be a huge success. The Smooth Change, is a dress that you can instantly change the look with just the change of a collar or belt. I work with people all day trying to match up shoes to outfits for special occasions. Best example is this weekend right here, 4th of July. Why have to buy a while new dress when you could just change of the collar? Think this is a killer idea for women. Something to look into. Here is the link and there is a video explaining how it works.
The Smooth Change
Have a safe 4th everyone


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Technology and Hardware: Some Sentimental Reflections

m / m


It’s funny how I still remember getting my first Game Boy. It was the original one, 8-bit in a lovely yellow colour, feeling heavy and smooth in your hand. My mum had bought it off my older cousin for about £10, and I remember feeling so surprised that she’d got me it for Christmas. I had a few games which were these wonderful plastic cartridges that you slotted into the back of your Game Boy, and you could hear the satisfying click when they were inserted properly. There was the sweet little noise it made as you switched it on, the Nintendo logo fizzling onto the screen, the red ‘on’ light glowing in the corner. The shimmering pixels and the chip tunes of game music.

I guess every generation grows up with some form of technological hardware that seems always exciting and new. Whether it’s a radio, gramophone or mobile…

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How Google can really help news & media

Good read right here.

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9.5 out of 10 Women would Divorce Me

Most of this explains my relationship with my wife. So unbelievably lucky to have found the one person in this world to stick with me. So thankful to have her in my life.

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Last Breath


All you did is done
All you’ve done is gone
All that mattered means nothing
Your struggles, your fights,
The wrongs, the rights,
Panic sets in as breath escapes,
Try but fail to reach for help
The pain is soon forgotten.
The life you dearly treasured,
You hope is always remembered…

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Here Is Your Porn

You wanted porn… So here’s a pussy


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I’d Like To Take You For Another Ride

I drive a Mustang. It’s white. It’s completely stock. It’s a V6. It’s nothing special to any stranger looking at it. But it’s my car, it’s my first car. It’s also the only thing my dad gave me that I still have. He loved going for a ride in it. For a V6 it’s loud and it’s fun. I can still hear his nasally laughter when I started up the car and revved the engine. I can still smell his cologne; he always wore Drakkar. This makes my car very special to me. Pretty much every time I look at it I think of my father.

You’re probably wondering why I shared that with you. Well today has been a tough day. Today is my father’s birthday and I miss him. It’s like someone’s reaching inside of me and squeezing my heart. It’s like being dragged out by a riptide, drowning, helplessly. It’s like realizing you’re in a terrifying dream but can’t scream. How can I not tell my dad happy birthday….

I’d like to think somehow he’s watching over me. Somehow he is still here helping me along. I know he’s not,  but it’s a comforting thought. So even if he can’t read this, it’s comforting for me to say… Cheers dad, this drink is in your honor. I love you.


-this was the last time I saw my dad. It was such a nice day, an awesome trip.


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