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This is where I take a word and i just write about it. Whether it be just the definition or just my interpretation of it.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. This tissue is called the plantar fascia. It connects the heel bone to the toes and creates the arch of the foot

Ya it sucks… dont get it! This has been on going for a year now. I just started treatment though.  Two days in I’m not noticing any difference. Its probably not helping that im workjng 12 hour shifts 2 days in a row.

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This is a crappy feeling. I’m normally not easily frustrated, which probably is a quality that makes me good at my job. Bit yesterday I missed my personal goal by $100. Thanks to three returns and my last customer’s credit card getting declined. Yesterday is gone and today is a new week. Refreshed I was ready to keep up the energy on the sales floor all day long. After two returns and working with countless customers choosing not to buy anything after I bring a million shoes out to them, I am frustrated. According to the computer I haven’t done anything in the last two hours. So I decided to take a break off the floor and collect my thoughts.

The thing about frustration is that it’s easy to feel, express and escalate. On days like this the easy way out is to give up and stop trying. I can’t allow myself to do this. I have to clear my head and put my short term memory to use. Frustration is easily beaten by thinking positively. Duh…

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Hello Mars, Goodbye Facebook

So its late and I just got home from watching the new Spider-Man.(Which I liked better then the original) Decided to check Facebook before heading to bed. I laid in bed and from my HTC Evo I opened up my Facebook app FriendCaster. Scrolling through I see lots of horoscopes, which I skip, I’m not into that. I see pictures, but not of friends. Just shared pics. Lots of damn song lyrics too. I found nothing of interest too me save for my friends son’s 5th bday. Since that took about a minute I thought I’d check in on Google+. I’ll admit I don’t use it very much any more. I use twitter mainly. I should have never checked my Google Plus. I’m only kidding, but I did spend the next 45 minutes reading post after post of stuff I was actually interested in. I was actually interacting. Not just scanning through.

Now that I’m done reading on Google Plus for the night I decided that somethings got to change. Facebook is pretty much pointless. It is called a Social network, yet your not allowed to socialize. Its more like a social network taking place in prison. I almost never see posts from my brother. I have to go to his profile page just to see what’s been going on. Why? Cuz Facebook filters what you see based off of your interactions with people. Even though I interact with my brother everyday, its usually not through facebook. I find this annoying and stupid.

Using twitter in conjunction with Google Plus is all I really need. I socialize in these two places making new connections weekly. Learning things, reading things that actually interest me. Not about Aquarius and how their days supposed to go or sweet offers of tilling someones garden on farmville.

So I really need to thank NASA and the landing of the Rover on Mars! Its every other post on my Google Plus timeline. But it was interesting and space exploration is something I’m very interested in. Yet why did I not see one post on Facebook covering the event? So my time on Facebook is coming to an end. Ill have to save my pictures if I delete it. I think i might just keep it so I can stay in the cool kids circle lol. Not! I think by deleting it. Others will be forced to interact with me in real life instead of through pokes and likes. Good bye Facebook, you have always been more boring than any other social site. Thanks for nothing.

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at·ti·tude /atit(y)ood/Noun:

1. A settled way of thinking or feeling, typically reflected in a person’s behavior.

Attitude is very important in life! It effects everything that happens around you. Having a positive attitude goes a long way. It’s contagious. When you are upbeat and happy and positive, others around you have no choice but to take that all in! Who wants to be a Debby downer?

Successful people carry an attitude like AIDS, it spreads and infects others around them. Ok that’s a bad analogy, maybe it’s more like TB.

I have a sales job and I’d never be successful in hitting my goals if I did not have a positive attitude. I’m no psychologist and I’m not some crazy smart intellectual person. However, the attitude you carry with you is you. If you want to be successful in the things you do, the beginning starts with your attitude!

You think its an insane coincidence that successful people have a positive attitude? Granted if you have diarrhea no matter how positive you are, your shits still going to be runny. But come on don’t be a fool, at least its flowing and no plungers had to be used. Seriously though, at some point your success will only come about with the help of others. Whether they are supportive, the ones with the capital, or they’re a customer purchasing your product. Your attitude will affect the way others interact with you.

All I’m trying to say, is next time you go to fart in public or post a pic of you pissing on a strangers car tire, at least be enthusiastic about it. All joking aside, think positive about yourself, believe in yourself; carry yourself with respect, honesty, and integrity. That kind of attitude will get you farther than money.

Watch this short video and you will see what attitude has done for this man with one paper clip.

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