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NerdgasmsDaily Your Daily Tech Source

As we get deeper into the holiday shopping season, is going to get harder and harder for me to produce any sort of content. I love writing so that won’t be the problem. I need to find a better balance of writing, working and family time.

If you are interested in the tech stuff I write you will find me most active at this is my own website. I write reviews of apps and products, I share cool tech related products and anything nerdy. Here are a few of my articles you may like.

Asus ZenWatch
Review: Inbox by Google
Introducing Amazon Echo

Here you get to see that I cover news topics, review apps for android, and share what I like to call “Nerdgasms.” Basically, it’s a cool tech related item that you could buy. I love finding and sharing these things.

Hope you guys go there and subscribe. I’ll still be sharing my personal stories here on this blog. Just won’t be very often over the next few months. Also thank you for following. You guys rock!

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The Status Of This Blog

Two and a half years ago today I started this blog. I had no goal for what I wanted to do with it. I didn’t even plan on using it to post anything. I thought, who cares what I have to say. So it wasn’t until a few months later I posted my very first blog. I decided that I wasn’t going to be writing to impress anyone, but to get thoughts and ideas out of my head onto paper.

I went through a long period of sharing my opinion on tech news and app reviews for Android. I still enjoy doing that, but I also wanted to share more thoughtful episodes of my life. I think everyone else can benefit from having a creative outlet. In a sense after two years my blog still has no direction. That’s exactly what I am currently trying working on.

The blogs url doesn’t play well with what I write. What the hell is XXXORION? A porn name? Time to create my brand. Just have to figure out how to do it all. I just want to say thank you to those that stick around and constantly read what I write. It’s appreciated greatly!


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I Don’t Have Time For This!

For anyone that has ever worked or is working retail right now then you can sympathize with my lack of available free time. I’m working pretty much all day right now everyday until the years end. The little time I do have out of work I’m spending it with my family. This family time is needed as this Mo the has been rough for me. So I’ve making sure to stay off my phone and computer.

This is me saying I pretty much don’t have time for you. Just kidding. I’ll be back after the holidays. I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a safe new years. If you do t celebrate Christmas or any holiday then enjoy your weekend and also be safe.

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Managing Retail Blog -What You Think?


I’m considering starting a topic on my blog on Managing. Covering all the little things I learn being a manager that aren’t in a book. Just learned through experience. I wonder if anyone would even be interested to read about that. Retail life can be crazy, fun, boring and stressful all in a single day.

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